Created By God: Wonderfully Made 2024


Created by God is a sex education course designed for preteens that takes place over three sessions. During Created by God, we use the Wonderfully Made curriculum. This curriculum is a United Methodist resource that offers preteens and their parents an opportunity to begin the important conversations about bodies, human growth, sexuality, reproduction, and relationships from a Christian perspective. The Participant’s Book is the resource that helps children ages 10-12 understand their bodies, the changes they are going through, and how God loves them now and always. The course explains sexual anatomy as well as the different aspects of puberty. Participants and their parents will also discuss the influence of social media on sexual awareness and decision making.

Created by God: Wonderfully Made is facilitated by Dr. Robbie Rux and Dr. Craig Dowden, both of whom are local practicing physicians and have been involved with this program for several years. This special course is a commitment and students are REQUIRED to attend every session. Parents must also attend two of the sessions (the parent meeting on Thursday evening and the Saturday afternoon session). Below is the listed schedule: 

Thursday, January 18th – 6:30-7:45pm for Parents and Small Group Leaders (*small group leaders will stay around about 30 minutes more to meet with Dr. Rux & Dr. Dowden)

Friday, January 19th – 5:00-8:30pm for Students and Small Group Leaders (dinner and snack included)

Saturday, January 20th – 8:30am-3:00pm for Students and Small Group Leaders (snacks and lunch included)
**Parents will be invited to join from 12:45-3:00pm (with a parents only session from 12:45-1:45pm and then, joining students and leaders for the final session)

The cost of this workshop is $45 which includes participant book, meals, and supplies.

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 Why should my child participate?

  • Statistics show that the average age a child is introduced to the concept of sex is 8 years old. The reality of this can be scary and intimidating for many parents. This course allows participants to learn and ask questions about sex, puberty, and relating topics in a safe environment that provides information from a Biblical perspective. 

Who is Created by God: Wonderfully Made for?

  • Created by God: Wonderfully Made is offered to 5th and 6th Any participant only takes this course once, so you have the option to participate your child’s 5th OR 6th grade year. Parents are required to attend a Thursday night session and a Saturday afternoon session. Kids must attend the Friday night and Saturday sessions. Being present at both Friday and Saturday sessions are mandatory for participants.

Why is it MANDATORY for my child to attend Friday AND Saturday?

  • We cover lots of information during these sessions and we want your child to have the same knowledge and opportunities to ask questions as other participants. We can only do this if your child is present at all of their sessions.

 I have heard that controversial topics are discussed, like homosexuality or gender identity. How are these topics handled and what is taught?

  • Created by God: Wonderfully Made is designed with the reality that the program draws kids from a variety of faith backgrounds and cultures. These topics are touched upon, but in definition ONLY. Our facilitators do not teach Biblical stances on these topics except that God loves everyone. Participants are encouraged to have further conversations on these topics with their parents and/or pastors. This is done for two reasons:
    • The families gathered in one room may have very different stances on the spiritual nature of these topics and we believe it is important for parents to be able to take lead as spiritual leaders and guide their children through this discussion.
    • If a child is present that is struggling with any of these issues, we believe that it is important for them to know that they have a Creator who made them and loves them.

Who teaches this course?

  • This year, our course will be led by local physicians, Dr. Robbie Rux (pediatrician) and Dr. Craig Dowden (family practice). Both are amazing doctors in our area, who serve many of our families, and have been involved in the Created by God: Wonderfully Made for several years.

 What should my child and I expect?

  • Thursday night is parents only. Our leaders will walk you through the Wonderfully Made values, what to expect through the weekend, and other important information and tips for conversations. Small Group Leaders are also there for parents to meet. They also take time to pray for the child and the weekend.
  • Friday night’s session is students only. Students form a group covenant, receive some ground rules, receive their books, and work through Modules 1 & 2. Dinner and a snack is provided that night.
  • On Saturday, the morning session is students only again as they continue to work through their participant workbook with Modules 3 & 4. Parents have a parent only session with our facilitators after lunch (kids get a brain break with games and de-stressing activities) and then, we close out the weekend with a parent-child session.

 The school offers sex education, so why should my child attend Created by God: Wonderfully Made?

  • This workshop is biblically based; therefore, we are able to talk about ourselves and our sexuality as God’s good creation.

 Is the Created by God: Wonderfully Made biblically based?

  • Yes, our Wonderfully Made curriculum is written leaning greatly on Scripture.

 What do you teach about abstinence, homosexuality, abortion, and other controversial topics?

  • We teach from the perspective that God has created us all and we are wonderfully made. We believe that children should wait to have sex until they are in committed marriage relationships. We believe God’s grace and love is boundless. We also believe that we can lean on the church’s teachings for information about issues such as abortion.

Why should a church talk about sex?

  • The church should be talking about sex because God created us as humans who are sexual beings. We need to discuss God’s creation in all things.

 How do you handle non-information gathering questions, such as when is a good age to start dating?

  • When children ask opinion questions, we will help them find answers for themselves. Wonderfully Made also redirects children to their parents to discuss the opinion questions.

 How do you address current issues that might be confusing to children?

  • Our facilitators are expected to keep up with the current issues. These wonderful leaders have experience with children and are able to help the children explore the issues from where they are. The goal is to answer the questions the children ask.

 Why should my child learn about sex at this age?

  • Children in 5th and 6th grades are much more open than teens to learning about their bodies and God. Teens already have begun to make decisions about what they believe and know. As tweens, the children are open to guidance and need information. Statistics show that the average age a child learns about sex is age 8. We want them to be correctly informed with a God-centered worldview.

 Are you taking away my child’s innocence with the Wonderfully Made Experience?

  • We are not taking away your child’s innocence. The children will be more informed, but they will be as innocent as when they began Created by God: Wonderfully Made.

 Why are the tweens all in the same room?

  • All kids are in the same room intentionally. Being in the same space allows the children to develop friendships and learn to respect one another. As we live our lives, we are not separated and kept in isolation. Children will always have to relate to the others, so it is best they learn together. However, we do have times that we split into male and female groups to dive deeper and address questions kids may be hesitant to ask.
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