Basics (B207)

Basics is geared toward young couples (thirties and forties) who are parenting young children. This discussion-oriented class explores a Biblical perspective on issues relevant to everyday living. If you are new to the church or new to Sunday School, you will find a warm welcoming community here with planned social opportunities outside of class.


Foundations (B211)

Foundations is geared toward couples or individuals parenting children and youth. The focus of this discussion oriented class is on different books of the Bible. You will find a warm Christian community here with social opportunities outside class.


Peace and Grace (B215)

Adults of varying ages and stages will find open, honest, thoughtful conversation in a place of “radical hospitality.” The inward spiritual journey leads outward in supporting each other and seeking to carry God’s love into the larger community. Studies include current issues affecting the changing, global world as seen through God’s word. Members of the class share in leadership. 


*New Class  (B209)

Empty Nesters / Parents of College Kids

This class will be identified more by the stage in life than any one particular age-group. Class members will share in teaching and will work together to determine the kinds of things they would like to study. The class will be open to planning social activities beyond Sunday mornings as well as discuss mission / outreach activities pursued as a class.


Pathfinders (B210)

Pathfinders is a class for single and married adults of all ages, although all are welcome. 6-12 week studies will focus on life application of Scripture to familial and cultural issues in society.

New Beginnings
(2nd Floor- CLC, Room #4)

New Beginnings reaches adults in their 60s and 70s. Phil Webb leads the class in a discussion format as a variety of Biblical and topical studies are explored.


Living Word (B212)

You will find a Spirit-led and Spirit-filled study of God’s Word in this class.  Doug Garner teaches through in-depth lecture and spirited discussion of the Bible following the United Methodist Adult Bible Study. The age of participants is predominantly 60s plus. 


Koinonia Class (B204)

Tony Caminiti leads this class in a challenging exploration of various Biblical and topical studies. Sometimes the class’s understanding of the material is enhanced by an audio or video presentation followed by discussion. Prayer is an integral part of the group’s time together. The predominant age is 60s plus.


Friends In Faith (Wesley Hall)

This class is generally a discussion-oriented study of the Holy Bible. Participants enjoy regular social activities and form a caring community for their members, all the while emphasizing involvement outside their class as they support many other ministries in the church. A team of dedicated teachers leads this class. Mostly 70s plus.

Discovery Class
(B114-Wesley Hall)

The Discovery Class is an accepting and welcoming group of adults, age 70 and up.  Teachers use the UM Adult Bible Study.