Wonderfully Made 2023


Wonderfully Made is an in-depth resource published by the United Methodist Church that offers preteens and their parents an opportunity to begin the important conversations about bodies, human growth, sexuality, reproduction and relationships from a Christian perspective.  Each participant receives the Participant’s Book which is a resource that helps children in 5th and 6th grades understand their bodies, the changes they are going through, and how God loves them now and always. The course explains sexual anatomy as well as the different aspects of puberty. Participants and their parents will also discuss the influence of social media on sexual desire and decision making. 

Wonderfully Made is led by Dr. Leigh Meekins, one of the authors of this curriculum. This special course is a commitment and students are REQUIRED to attend every session. Parents must also attend two of the sessions (the parent meeting on Thursday evening and the Saturday afternoon session). Below is the listed schedule: 

Thursday, January 12th – 6:30-7:45pm for Parents and Small Group Leaders (*small group leaders will stay around about 30 minutes more to meet with Dr. Leigh Meekins)

Friday, January 13th – 5:00-8:30pm for Students and Small Group Leaders (dinner and snack included)

Saturday, January 14th – 8:30am-3:00pm for Students and Small Group Leaders (snacks and lunch included)
**Parents will be invited to join from 12:45-3:00pm (with a parents only session from 12:45-1:45pm and then, joining students and leaders for the final session)


Statistics show that the average age a child is introduced to the concept of sex is 8 years old. The reality of this can be scary and intimidating for many parents. This course allows participants to learn and ask questions about sex, puberty, and relating topics in a safe environment that provides information from a Biblical perspective. 


**Scholarships are available if needed.**