News About In-Person Sunday School: 

March 8th seems like a long time ago, and for most Sunday school classes, that was the last time you sat in a room together. Beginning Sunday, November 1st, we are giving Sunday school classes the opportunity to begin meeting again weekly in their classrooms with precautions. In support of this, here are some things you need to know: 

  • Beginning November 1st, our Sunday worship will return to our regular schedule with 8:30 and 11:00 traditional sanctuary services and an 11:00 Gathering contemporary service.
  • The Sunday school hour will again be from 9:45-10:40.
  • Reservations will still be required for worship, but not for Sunday school.
  • Children’s and Youth Sunday school will begin meeting weekly on November 1st. Michelle Graham and Rachael Waldhour will be communicating more about these classes.


Leaders of each Sunday school class are now communicating with their members to determine what is best for their class, whether or not they will meet in-person and under what parameters. If you are on a class roll and regularly receive communication from a Sunday school class, you will be hearing from your leaders with more information about your class. The week of October 25th, I will be communicating to the church by E-List with all the information I have about which classes are ready to begin meeting in November and which will not.


Although we are excited about this move forward with in-person Christian community, we want to do so with great care for the health and wellbeing of all our members. Please pray for these decisions that are being made and do all you can to be a part of creating and maintaining a safe campus for ALL our members.


Thank you! 

Rev. Laura Parker,
Minister of Discipleship