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we are all chained to something.
chained to work.
chained to expectations.
chained to the past.
chained to our failures.
chained to guilt.


During the month of October, our sermon series,Chain Breaking Faith, is in conjunction with the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  Martin Luther felt chained to his own sense of sinfulness and obligation to earn salvation.  In reading the Book of Romans he came to the understanding that we are made right through grace alone received through faith.  His chains were broken and he was set free.  Join us in worship on Sundays as we discover together how to have
Chain Breaking Faith.   


Date Sermon Title Scripture Traditional The Gathering
Oct 8 Free to Live, Free from Guilt Romans 7:21-8:2 Rev. Laura Parker Dr. Ed Glaize
Oct 15 Free for Eternity, Free from Death Romans 6: 20-23 Rev. Laura Parker Dr. Ed Glaize
Oct 22 Free to Give/Serve, Free from Obligation Romans 13: 8-10 Dr. Ed Glaize Rev. Laura Parker
Oct 29 Free to Worship, Free from Duty Romans 15: 7-13
Romans 16: 25-27
Dr. Ed Glaize *Combined Service (Sanctuary)