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Fairhope United Methodist Church
Ministry and Staff

If you would like to send an email, use the first name.last

For example:


Dr. Ed Glaize,
Senior Pastor


Dr. Ann Pearson,
Director of Caring Ministries


Michelle Graham,
Director of Children's Ministries 


Rachael Waldhour,
Director of Student Ministries


Tina Wettermark,
Director of Nursery Ministries


Terry Lowell,
Director of Preschool




Julia Gavin,
Executive Assistant to Dr. Ed Glaize & Lisa Simon








Martha Monckton, 
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Ann Pearson & Michelle Graham




Megan Smith,
Children’s Ministries Assistant (part-time)





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Rev. Laura Parker,
Associate Pastor Adult Education & Discipleship



Jamie Waldhour,
Director of Recreation Ministries


Jeff White,
Business Administrator &
Director of Contemporary Worship



 Jennifer Myrick,
Director of Missions



Patricia Taylor,
Director of Custodial Ministries





Bobbi Hobbs,
Administrative Assistant to Rev. Laura Parker





Michael Spicer,
CLC & Youth Ministry Administrative Assistant

Youth Ministry Assistant